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Safe Digital World for Them.
Peace of Mind for You.


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Child on Smartphone

We'll Alert You About Toxic Conversations

TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. All covered 24/7 by our forward-thinking Artificial Intelligence model.

If a toxic conversation that can potentially hurt your child will be detected, you'll be notified on your device right away.


Your Children Deserve
a Safe Digital World

We'll Help You To Filter Dangerous Websites

We can't ignore that dangers exist on the internet. Once you give your child a smartphone, you're giving them unrestricted access to a world of dangers.

That's why we developed our SafeWeb technology. So you can restrict access to dangerous websites, and receive real time notifications if your child is accessing a blocked website.

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Privacy Is
At Our Core

Key in the Lock

We Designed Our Keepers App With Privacy At The Core

You will be notified only about content that requires your attention, so your children will have their privacy and you will have peace of mind.

All of your family's data is fully encrypted and secure. You control your data.

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